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議事録でぇす。The proceeding



 ① 学生会設立団体としてのサークルおよび実行委員会としての登録はできない。


 ② 学生会設立団体を作る団体としてなら登録可能。



 ① 学生会設立団体として、登録できないので、まずは、その団体を作る活動をする。

 ② 具体的に活動内容として、まず、OASISのサークル化をして、APUの現状調査を実施。


 ③ サークル化をして、ある一定期間をあけて、学生会設立団体を作るために、各方面の  方々が話し合いをする場をつくる活動をする。それは、実行委員会として活動。


 ④ 現段階では個人同士のつながりで、国際学生をメンバーとして勧誘する。


 ⑤ 次のミーティングでは、これから先のロードマップを明確にする。


Meeting with Student Office

①Oasis can not be registered as Student council foundation committee.
Reason: Oasis is just a group of people who want to establish Student Council, and we are not the members who are chosen by APU students. We do not have enough trust from students and our school.

②Oasis can be regisered as a committee which establish Student council foundation committee.
→We can not work as Student council foundation committee, so we are going to establish it. To establish Student council foundation committee, we will gather some representatives of circles and groups of cultural weeks etc, and give them a place to have meetings about Student Council.

☆Meeting after the meeting with Student Office☆
①We will work for establishing Student council foundation committee.

②We will register Oasis as a circle, and research APU's present condition (problems, students' needs etc)

At this stage, it is very important to know APU's present condition and to think how we can improve the situation.

③We will research APU's present condition for a while, and then we will start working as a committee which has meetings with representatives.

We need to know about APU's present condition by the time we have the meetings with representatives of circles and groups of cultural weeks etc, so we firstly start the research before having meetings. We will continue the research even after starting meetings.

④During this semester, we are going to recruit new members of international students through our friends.
→We are not going to set booth to recruiting new members during this semester. During the spring vacation, we prepare for setting booth at the cafeteria in the late April. (Making planning paper in English etc)

⑤At the next meeting, we are going to discuss the plan in detail.

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